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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on November 17, 2010


Excuse this shitty drunken iPhone picture, but fuck–it’s Grinderman! Amy and I have a tradition of getting wasted and going nuts whenever Nick Cave is town (click here to see me with Nick last time the Bad Seeds played). The show was amazing, of course. There are a lot of aging musicians who I can’t be bothered to go see live anymore, but Nick Cave will never be on that list. I have seen him almost ten times in as many years and every time he has seriously delivered. His passion and stage presence are so intense and wonderful to watch. Call me obsessed, but just to be in the same room as him — even if it’s a room as huge as the Best Buy Theater in Times Square — is a seriously blissful experience. Of course, that bliss and happiness gave way to far too much drunken foolishness. I’m too old for shit like that and I am truly paying for it — three days later! But oh, it was worth it . . .

Also, this video is one of the greatest things ever created. It perfectly encapsulates why Nick Cave will always remain amazing in my eyes . . . and don’t even get me started on Warren Ellis. Sigh.

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  1. death_sexxx said, on November 18, 2010 at 6:58 AM

    GRINDERMAN… fuck yes!

  2. Emily said, on November 19, 2010 at 4:35 PM

    Hey, I was at the Boston House of Blues show the night before! (I was also talking my cousin into buying insane-o heels at Rescue a few hours beforehand, which she also wore to the show, how coincidental…) The stage pictured looks exactly like the HOB setup, I wonder if that’s theirs or just a “thing” that the venues are doing now…

    I’d never had the chance to see Nick live before so this was a treat – my boyfriend and I were screaming “TIPPY TOE, TIPPY TOE!” at each other for days afterward. Lucky you, getting the opportunity to meet (and hug?!?!) him! Color me jealous…

  3. Jeralyn said, on December 2, 2010 at 12:32 AM

    Hey! I had totally forgotten about “tippy toe tippy toe” (blame the alcohol) until you wrote it and I was like.. .oh shit! So good, man. The only reason I didn’t go in Boston is because I didn’t know anyone who was going — we should coordinate when there are awesome shows in town!! Nick always puts on the best performance… xx

  4. wearedumdumgirls said, on December 2, 2010 at 11:17 PM

    saw the san francisco show … FUCK!

  5. Jeralyn said, on December 3, 2010 at 11:54 PM

    I know, he’s so awesome!

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