I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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New video from Religious To Damn! As I mentioned previously, I will be spinning at Zohra’s record release party some time next month (invite coming soon). I will also possibly be “styling” Z for the show — though I use this term quite loosely — I’m mostly just bringing a bunch of cool stuff from the store with the hope that she likes something enough to wear it!

A little blurb from Todd over at Pendu: The video was made without any special effects added in post-production… all of the effects were recorded live “in-camera” using analog equipment to manipulate the images. “Drifter” is taken from the upcoming album “Glass Prayer” which will be out in February. Enjoy!

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Tonight, I fell down the internet rabbit-hole. It all started when I was casually hanging out in my room with my cat, listening to music. I decided to listen to one of my favorite compilations Can’t Stop It: Australian Post-Punk 1978-1982. One of my favorite tracks on the record is “Honeymoons” by Fabulous Marquises. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to find much out about this band or to track down anything by them besides this song. However, it had been a while since I last looked so I figured I would give the internet a whirl. I was directed to some year-old clips on YouTube, which only whetted my appetite. Not much comes up on a google search for the band, but I was led to this blog: Sails of Oblivion. There was an entry about a night in 1981 spent with the singer of FM. A little more reading, mostly of the entirely engrossing 1981 Diaries, got me wondering — who is this person whose life I am poring over right now? I googled his name and my mind was kind of blown. He is Sam Sejavka, singer of The Ears and the person who was semi-fictionally portrayed by Michael Hutchence in “Dogs In Space.” I suppose that wouldn’t be the biggest deal in the world, except that after dancing around to “Honeymoons,” I put on “True Love” by the Marching Girls and thought about one of my favorite scenes in that movie — where the girls are doing drugs and applying lipstick while dancing around to the very same song. The main girl in the film, Anna, is semi-fictionally based on Sam’s real-life girlfriend Christine Harding. I don’t know, it just all seemed a little too coincidental. Added to this is, of course, the incredible depth and emotion in the short, simple diary entries written by a twenty-year-old Sejavka and I felt completely sucked into this other world for a moment. Perhaps it is because I often read my old diary entries and marvel at the wonder and innocence that seems to prevail — it hasn’t even been a decade since I was twenty and I already feel like something has been forever lost. It might also be the fact that I am currently reading “The Shallows: What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains” and have been constantly thinking about what is both lost and gained by the way our brains are changing due to the current technologies (not just the internet) that we use every day. I am a strong advocate of analogue ideals — I read books, I listen to records, I collect actual objects for their intellectual, artistic, emotional and entertainment values . . . but a brief journey like I took tonight would never have been possible without the internet . . . without blogs, YouTube, and the bit torrent client that allowed me to download “Dogs In Space” so I can watch it over and over again.



Fabulous Marquises – Honeymoons



The scene from “Dogs In Space” with “True Love” by the Marching Girls



The Ears – Leap For Lunch (filmed in the same house as “Dogs In Space”)

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If I disappear for a while, it’s because of this space. Rescue is moving again. But it’s cool — when we got our space on Newbury Street, we knew it was temporary which is why we put hardly any work into it. We just wanted to get down there and see if we could generate the business needed to survive on that street. And I am happy to report that we definitely can. We will be leaving our current space at the end of January and we will hopefully open our new space on or around March 1st. As you can see, it’s seriously nice inside. We will be doing a lot of work though and you won’t even be able to recognize it when I am finished! I have almost everything worked out in my head and we are starting some construction later today. Sara and her crew are going to help us put some very interesting finishing touches on it. I am really excited — it’s all I think about every day. When we opened our first space, we had an idea of how we wanted it to look but we didn’t have the money to do it exactly how we wanted. Then with our second space, we didn’t want to waste any money so we tried to do the least amount of permanent work as possible. Now, finally, I get to see my vision realized! This store is really going to represent who we are as a brand and where we want to go in the future. I’m so excited to finish it and show it off. Stay tuned . . .

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I don’t usually get excited about movies and there are very few films I actually go see on opening night (mostly Harry Potter). But, for some reason, I got excited about Black Swan. I’ve seen all of Darren Aronofsky’s films except The Wrestler, but that wasn’t the only reason I was excited. I actually don’t know what the reason was, but I went to see it by myself on opening night and even though the theater was completely crowded and insane, it was still totally worth it. I thought the movie was perfect, but I won’t bother going into any detail since I know it hasn’t been fully released yet. As is obvious though, the film centers on a performance of Swan Lake, a ballet which I wasn’t really familiar with. I, like most little girls, briefly took ballet when I was younger but my interest never grew beyond those few years and I’ve never seen anything professionally performed. Watching this film got me really interested in the story of Swan Lake — it’s explained briefly, but not in detail. After just a little quick research, I can tell this ballet is something I really want to see in person. The story itself is beautiful and tragic (I love a sad ending) and just look at how incredible this pas de deux from Act III is:

A little bit more research led me to the knowledge that Swan Lake is being performed in February by the New York City Ballet. See you there!

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Um, what’s up with my friends being, as they say in Boston, “wicked fuckin awesome”? Case in point: my bestie Cara gave me this Alexander McQueen bracelet for my birthday! Granted, she got a deal on it at Beacon’s, but I am much more concerned with thought and intention than spending when it comes to gifts. This thing is seriously incredible. I haven’t taken it off since I received it, except to sleep and shower. Don’t tell the Hell’s Angels . . .

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I don’t usually write about labels or designers on here and it’s not for any real reason except that I see no need to repeat content I’ve already read somewhere else. But recently I was contacted by Tim of Born On The Cusp. There are a few things to note firstly: he is Australian, he knows one of my good friends who is also Australian and he, apparently, is into all the same shit is me. All of these things obviously are going to make me biased towards liking this collection . . . but I think that, even without all that, I would still be into this. Look at that last dress — it’s fucking perfection! (And would go amazingly with these boots!) Tim described the collection in the email as “all 90s new-age goth inspired” (which he correctly assumed would be right up my alley). I could easily see my extra-witchy friends Tamaryn and Zohra wearing all this fringe and leather in its true ‘gypsy-wave’ glory . . .

I couldn’t choose a favorite part from the “about us” section of the site so I’m just going to include the entire thing:

Born On The Cusp is the union of partners Sophie Guerin and Tim Stratton, star crossed best friends who must have met under an amalgamation of solstice and planet alignment. One in style, thought and ambition, realising they fed off one another and could no longer continue separate lives, they resolved to embark on a career together, presumably in a dank and debauched watering hole somewhere between the hours of 3 and 9am. Miraculously, perhaps helped by an anonymous higher power, they each remembered this pact in the following day’s haze and very gradually set to work, designing their first collection of clothing together, based on a smoky idea of pantheistic ritual, new age mysticism and religious symbolism. Simultaneously fickle fashion victims and stubbornly critical judges, the two love and also hate more than most could muster an opinion on. This dichotomy: the cuspian character of duality, filters through into every aspect of First Communion, from the garments themselves, to the entire production process. Current, yet classic; uncaring, yet seeking approval; confused, yet assured; anxious, yet zen, the Born On The Cusp demographic may read broad and all encompassing on paper, but in reality is unapologetically niche. Aimed at fresh and young to ancient and wise spiritually ambiguous aesthetes of both sexes, the collection marries the drunken fun spirit and keen stylistic eye of the two pretentious perfectionist soul mates behind the brand.

Their online store launches the same day as the collection — December 9th — and the collection itself is being presented not by models but instead will be worn by bands performing at the party. A bunch of sweaty Australians wearing leather and playing sick tunes? Sounds like something I should really be at . . .

All images from Born On The Cusp.

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So I went back to New York and had my . . . 29th!!! . . . birthday party at Wierd. Micki and I decided to do some tag-team DJing but I think that in my drunken haze, I forced him to DJ for most of the night. Hi-Fi Hilary took the pre- and post- spots. It was obviously awesome — nothing better than getting tons of free shots and getting to dance to all your favorite songs with almost all your favorite people on your birthday!! For some reason, we decided to go to Motor City for the last 20 minutes of the night and that was where I took the only pictures I found on my camera. I always carry my camera with me and then get too excited about what I am doing to remember to take any pictures. Anyway I spent a few days crashing at Sara’s, which is also where we held an amazing Thanksgiving on what was my real birthday. I never cared for Thanksgiving until I moved to New York and started spending it with friends (and no turkey!) and now it is one of my favorite times of year. Most people are forced to go visit their families for Christmas, but Thanksgiving is one you can get away with not going home for. To be in the company of so many awesome people, just sitting around drinking and eating and talking and laughing . . . well, it’s wonderful. Sara decided to give out Thanksgiving tattoos but, instead of going for a turkey like Ethan, I opted for two Harry Potter tattoos — The Deathly Hallows and Harry’s scar. They’re a little wobbly, but there’s something great about getting tattooed by a friend . . . it really adds to the complete story.

Janice, Sara’s new puppy



Deathly Hallows on my forearm, Harry’s scar on my pinky