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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on December 2, 2010


I don’t usually write about labels or designers on here and it’s not for any real reason except that I see no need to repeat content I’ve already read somewhere else. But recently I was contacted by Tim of Born On The Cusp. There are a few things to note firstly: he is Australian, he knows one of my good friends who is also Australian and he, apparently, is into all the same shit is me. All of these things obviously are going to make me biased towards liking this collection . . . but I think that, even without all that, I would still be into this. Look at that last dress — it’s fucking perfection! (And would go amazingly with these boots!) Tim described the collection in the email as “all 90s new-age goth inspired” (which he correctly assumed would be right up my alley). I could easily see my extra-witchy friends Tamaryn and Zohra wearing all this fringe and leather in its true ‘gypsy-wave’ glory . . .

I couldn’t choose a favorite part from the “about us” section of the site so I’m just going to include the entire thing:

Born On The Cusp is the union of partners Sophie Guerin and Tim Stratton, star crossed best friends who must have met under an amalgamation of solstice and planet alignment. One in style, thought and ambition, realising they fed off one another and could no longer continue separate lives, they resolved to embark on a career together, presumably in a dank and debauched watering hole somewhere between the hours of 3 and 9am. Miraculously, perhaps helped by an anonymous higher power, they each remembered this pact in the following day’s haze and very gradually set to work, designing their first collection of clothing together, based on a smoky idea of pantheistic ritual, new age mysticism and religious symbolism. Simultaneously fickle fashion victims and stubbornly critical judges, the two love and also hate more than most could muster an opinion on. This dichotomy: the cuspian character of duality, filters through into every aspect of First Communion, from the garments themselves, to the entire production process. Current, yet classic; uncaring, yet seeking approval; confused, yet assured; anxious, yet zen, the Born On The Cusp demographic may read broad and all encompassing on paper, but in reality is unapologetically niche. Aimed at fresh and young to ancient and wise spiritually ambiguous aesthetes of both sexes, the collection marries the drunken fun spirit and keen stylistic eye of the two pretentious perfectionist soul mates behind the brand.

Their online store launches the same day as the collection — December 9th — and the collection itself is being presented not by models but instead will be worn by bands performing at the party. A bunch of sweaty Australians wearing leather and playing sick tunes? Sounds like something I should really be at . . .

All images from Born On The Cusp.

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