I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Some beautiful photos by Nikki Sneakers from the Religious To Damn release party. The record can be purchased here and it is highly recommended.

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My love affair with leather is a highly conflicted relationship. As a vegetarian for over 15 years, I feel like it is something I should staunchly avoid. However, my love of well-constructed and beautiful clothing and accessories tends to take precedence in this matter. I have flirted with faux leather in the past, but it always leaves me wanting. Like most vegetarians who try to rationalize this behavior, the majority of my leather is second-hand, thus supposedly negating me from any responsibility for the death of the animals whose skin I revel in wearing. It is something that nags at my conscience every day during the winter when I put on a pair of black leather gloves before ever going outside. I enjoy the ritual of it. Pulling one on, then the other. The feel of my hands encased in a protective, seductive second skin. I can’t help it — “I get a feeling of pleasure . . . when I wear black leather . . .”

Cosmetics – Black Leather Gloves

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My New Year’s Eve was awesome but I’ve felt like hell since. Sick with what feels like a cold but whatever it really is, it’s completely robbed me of my voice. I’ve barely been able to work (and if I didn’t own the store, I wouldn’t even bother) and have primarily been laying in bed and watching Dexter. Besides the cold, it’s not such a bad way to start the new year . . .