I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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It’s impossible to put into words what I have lost and I refuse to cheapen it by discussing it in such a public forum. Though perhaps even this post is already too much. I simply wanted to provide the most vague explanation for my disappearance and the most subtle hint that I might soon again begin to post regularly. Life . . . seems strange. Every road of thought leads to the same end. “It is awfully easy to be hard-boiled about everything in the daytime, but at night it is another thing.”

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I’ve had a Barney’s gift card burning a hole in my wallet since Christmas, but I haven’t been able to figure out what to spend it on. The card was for $200 and I didn’t want to spend more than that unless I found something amazing . . . so from time to time I would peruse the online store and had almost positively settled on a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses when I randomly saw these earrings today! I’m glad I waited . . . they’re pretty amazing and I can’t wait for them to arrive.

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I’m taking a much needed break from the store on Wednesday, when I’ll be heading down to Florida with some of my favorite ladies for a few days in the sun. As usual, I’ll stick out like a sore thumb on the beach, but hey, what can you do. I’m most excited about finally getting to wear this vintage hat I picked up at Painted Bird in San Francisco last fall… a look stolen from my #1 fashion icon Lydia Deetz of course…

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Well, here it is! The store is completely finished! We’ve been open for a little over a week and the response has been amazing. I couldn’t be more proud of it . . . special thanks to a few friends and my dad for helping us build our amazing new dressing rooms! We’re still working on a few more things, but overall I’m insanely psyched. The biggest and most insane thanks has to go out to our friends at Kingsland Printing who came all the way up from Brooklyn and printed some custom designs on our walls, our windows, a few signs and made our dressing room curtains!! They are truly the most amazing people . . . and they also printed our new line of Reclaimed by Rescue t-shirts and matching tote bags! If you are in Boston, please come by the store and say hi! If you’re not — check our website where we always post new stuff that comes in, which we have no problem shipping!

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Taking a little time off from working on the new space to go kind of nuts in New York. Depending on how much I get done, I might be able to squeeze in the Mueran Humanos show at Wierd on Wednesday. But I will definitely be DJing the Tamaryn show at Don Hill’s Thursday and SHADOWPLAY on Friday. Shadowplay is my new monthly goth night at a brand new space in Greenpoint. This month I will be joined by Glenn (Blacklist, Cult of Youth) and Ryan (Blacklist). We will be playing only the classics! Friday Tamaryn and Mirror Mirror are playing at PS1’s Saturday Sessions and then I’m one of a bunch of people DJing the afterparty. Pretty busy week but I think it will be worth it!

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Justine D. was a huge influence on and a really important person in my life when I first moved to New York. Her parties (Motherfucker and Aktion at Lit to name a few) were always the best, her style was (and is) impeccable and her personality is incredible. She always has a smile and a nice word for everyone, despite being involved in about ten thousand things at once. There was a brief period of time where I used to see her regularly, but as the years have gone on and I no longer live in New York, our run-ins have become infrequent. But that doesn’t mean she’s not still on my radar. While she was recently in France studying pastry, I began following her blog In The Kitchen At Parties — a really interesting collection of tales combining a passion for baking with a passion for music and nightlife. Justine is now back in New York and it seems like she has some new ideas up her sleeve, so I hope to run into her again soon. But the whole real point of this entry is to direct you towards an intriguing interview with her in the L Magazine where Justine manages to perfectly sum up my feelings on the interconnectedness between fashion, music and nightlife in one succinct little paragraph:


Do you attribute your style to your experience in the scene?

I have remnants of my “clubbing” years dispersed throughout my wardrobe, mostly in my old band tees. My style is comprised of several different elements stemming from pop culture, musical references and certain films. What’s interesting though, in nightlife you can often meet true artists/personalities…people who live this alternative, non mainstream lifestyle on a daily basis. It’s usually expressed in their clothing, makeup, hairstyle and even dance moves. It’s a way of life for them but inspiration to some fashion designers. I think the ability to check your inhibitions at the door, so to speak compels people to dress up and play a role of some sort. Fashion and nightlife are creative forms of escapism.


Read the rest of the interview here.

Listen to some of a live mix by Justine at RVNG Intl.

Photos by Crystal Gwyn.

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Some beautiful photos by Nikki Sneakers from the Religious To Damn release party. The record can be purchased here and it is highly recommended.

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My love affair with leather is a highly conflicted relationship. As a vegetarian for over 15 years, I feel like it is something I should staunchly avoid. However, my love of well-constructed and beautiful clothing and accessories tends to take precedence in this matter. I have flirted with faux leather in the past, but it always leaves me wanting. Like most vegetarians who try to rationalize this behavior, the majority of my leather is second-hand, thus supposedly negating me from any responsibility for the death of the animals whose skin I revel in wearing. It is something that nags at my conscience every day during the winter when I put on a pair of black leather gloves before ever going outside. I enjoy the ritual of it. Pulling one on, then the other. The feel of my hands encased in a protective, seductive second skin. I can’t help it — “I get a feeling of pleasure . . . when I wear black leather . . .”

Cosmetics – Black Leather Gloves

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My New Year’s Eve was awesome but I’ve felt like hell since. Sick with what feels like a cold but whatever it really is, it’s completely robbed me of my voice. I’ve barely been able to work (and if I didn’t own the store, I wouldn’t even bother) and have primarily been laying in bed and watching Dexter. Besides the cold, it’s not such a bad way to start the new year . . .

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New video from Religious To Damn! As I mentioned previously, I will be spinning at Zohra’s record release party some time next month (invite coming soon). I will also possibly be “styling” Z for the show — though I use this term quite loosely — I’m mostly just bringing a bunch of cool stuff from the store with the hope that she likes something enough to wear it!

A little blurb from Todd over at Pendu: The video was made without any special effects added in post-production… all of the effects were recorded live “in-camera” using analog equipment to manipulate the images. “Drifter” is taken from the upcoming album “Glass Prayer” which will be out in February. Enjoy!